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Question: Q: App Store terms and conditions cannot be displayed when you try to update Plus minus apps Another possibility is that Apple services are not available in your area. Apple has servers spread across all parts of the world to avoid traffic jams, and from time to time there is maintenance. You should be able to check the status of online services. If the services in your area have failed (red dot), wait until they turn green. After that, you should be able to go ahead and complete the new process of accepting iCloud business and terms. I get this «To continue, you need to read and accept the new terms and conditions» message when I try to download a new app. So I click on the Terms and Conditions and that brings me to them. I scroll down all the way and there is no «accept» button. The problem is that when you click Accept, the same legal screen appears again asking you to approve or reject the new terms and conditions. This process is repeated indefinitely and the download stops completely.

Now that your operating system has been updated, you can now accept the new iCloud Terms of Service on your device. You should be able to continue and complete the process. If you`re not receiving new operating system updates, or if you haven`t reached the iCloud Terms of Service page yet, read on. 3. The terms and conditions will be displayed on the screen so that you can accept them and then you can proceed to download/purchase them. the same here! It is a loop after clicking on the terms and conditions. What must I do? I also tried to change the regions again and again, but to no avail. I tried to proofread the entire terms and conditions and email them to myself.

And I`m running out of ideas right now. Yes, it also did the trick for me. This makes sense, I think, because installing the latest version of iCloud automatically means that you agree to the latest terms. I just tried this and was able to accept the terms and conditions — but it brought me back to the App Store and got stuck on all 73 pages of terms and conditions and didn`t let me continue Sometimes you may have problems with your iCloud password. Even you follow these steps if your iCloud account suddenly wants to re-enter your password only to never succeed with the steps provided. If you have a developer version or a version that you need to re-enter the iCloud password, you have never seen this fact in the terms and conditions. Or you can`t unsubscribe. Because you need to access the internet accounts and re-enter your password for your iCloud account. If your access is restricted, you understand that you will not be able to continue the acceptance process. This can happen if you have enabled the «Screen Time» feature on your device.

Usually, this special feature is used as parental controls to protect children from harmful content and apps and prevent them from playing with device settings that could compromise the overall functionality. The Screen Time feature includes restrictions on any changes to your device, including acceptance of the Terms and Conditions. On my Ipad when I try to download something from the store; He says I have to accept the terms and conditions first. When I say ok at the prompt, a white box appears and the terms never really load. I tried restarting, checking the date and resetting. I`ve reviewed a few other forums on the subject, but I just can`t get it to work. Any idea would help, thank you. It looks like you need to sync the account credentials stored on your device with those on the App Store.

Once you have followed the steps above to access and browse the iCloud Terms of Service, you should be able to see that the process has been completed and completed successfully. However, if you can`t go any further and get stuck on the same page, try checking the next set of methods. After that, repeat the acceptance process above. Hi, I just got my new iphobic apple 10x. When I try to download an app, it says I have to accept the new Apple Media Services terms and conditions, then a white screen pops up and I can`t download an app. How can I fix this problem, please? I have updated to the latest version of the software. Anyway, I reduced the problem to the AppStore — it doesn`t allow them to update apps that require acceptance of the new terms and conditions. When you click on the pop-up prompt on the terms and conditions, the result is a blank blank page, there is a short gear load, and then the screen remains white. Essentially, the terms and conditions are not loaded. 2.

Sign out and return to your Apple ID Another possible solution you can try is to sign out of your Apple ID and sign back in. Keep in mind that for every iOS software update, you`ll need to restart your iPhone or iPad for the changes to take effect. Try the same trick with your Apple ID and you can validate the new conditions like this. -> In the App Store, tap your profile icon in the upper right corner of the screen. -> Tap «Sign Out» at the bottom of the screen. -> Next, provide your Apple ID and password to sign in again. Now, go back to the Updates tab and try to update the app and see that the Apple Media Services error has been fixed. A number of iPhone and iPad users are reporting an issue with the App Store on Twitter and Reddit this morning that is preventing them from downloading or updating apps. 3. I clicked on the download link of the app in question — it showed the dialog box that I had to accept the terms and conditions etc. — and pressed OK.

This method is only about making sure that you are on the same page as others. For each of the different Apple devices, there are several ways to access the new iCloud Terms of Service page. So make sure you follow the right process depending on the device you are on: 3 Ways to Fix «Apple Media Services Terms of Service» error 1. Skim & Accept Terms & Conditions Press OK, browse the new terms and conditions and accept them. If the prompt appears again, try checking for the new terms using the following trick: -> Tap the App Store icon of your profile in the upper-right corner of the screen. .

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