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It is necessary to use the form for assignment grades (Parat) to inform the university and students of the grades that students should receive after completing a particular task. After handing over a package of books to the students, Allama Iqbal Islamabad Open University will provide each student with three copies of the completed form with their signatures. Once students have completed their assignments, they must send all assignments to tutors hired by aiou. Students can download the Parat/Assignment sheet in PDF format indicated under the Download button. AIOU Parth to PDF / AIOU Perth Form pdf download / aiou assignment marks sheet title page / PDF Parat is Full HD and high quality printing. Would you like to download the aiou (Parat) assignment stamp form for free in PDF format? So stay on this page! I have a Master`s degree in Special Education PU, B.ed further aiou, wafaq ul madarss, Drse you have a free place for tutoring please tell me to add on my email. Answer should kindly ask you to send 3 copies of this form with each task after filling in all the required fields. The tutor will send you a copy with your assignment after you have reviewed and tagged your assignment. The second copy is for the tutor and the third for the university recording.

You will need to complete all 3 forms before submitting your assignment to your tutor. Please I need some information to help me #03155581414 I am an Islamiat and physical education diploma and m.a physical education part 1 (66%) please sir, if you have a free position of tutoring, please inform me. Mohammad Mobeen .mob#03454627818a 03436633068 If you are having trouble downloading or printing, this ready form does not hesitate to comment on this post below. I`m also attaching an image below of the assignment grade form because many students want it in jpg format. To download it in PDF format, click the download button at the top of this paragraph. Aoa sir tutors speaks neither mil rhe site pe. Autumn 2016 ki Tasks k This Matter aiou introduces tasks that must be completed by all students of any level, even if they are taking courses on the main campus of the university. They must all complete a minimum of two – 2 tasks and a maximum of four tasks for each subject. Because there is no teacher hired by aiou to study, but aiou has hired a tutor himself.

The teacher offered by aiou can be found on the Internet, if you do not know «how to find the aiou Tutor address», then you can find your aiou Tutor address here. Please help me, I would like b.a to aiou please send me the name of the tutor and not please send me Partially, Unfortunately, the university made the mistake of including these types of assignment notes or parat forms in your submission. The printing and copying functions of this university package are also included. As a result, you can download the homework notes from our website, which is accessible to everyone for free. I passed my B.End of aiou in 2011 I send my filling form but no answer until. I urgently need a degree. Allama Iqbal Free University gives its students PDF books in a flexible format that they can read on their computers. If a person does not receive their published book, they can print a copy in PDF format using the AIOU.

Previously revised AIOU resolved assignments for BA, BCom and MCom are now available online for the spring and fall semesters. As we know, the Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU), Islamabad is the largest open university in the world. This means that they teach from home with words in which they work remotely. All over the world, it`s like a rule of knowledge to do your homework to get good grades or to know too well what you`re learning. You will need to fill out all 3 forms before sending your documents to your tutor. You can download it as a PDF or save a JPEG/JPG image as shown at the top of website. The university`s website is Often, students do not receive the desired documents on time and they worry about these difficulties and have no contact and no information on how to secure their studies. Sir, go apply for a tutor now, because the last date is November 20th.

Read more details here Thank you The assignment grade form (Parat) is used to inform the university and students of the grades that students should have received in their assignment. These three complete forms are provided by Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad when they send you a package of books. Sometimes, by University Mistake, you forget to insert this homework mark form or ready form in your package. But you don`t have to worry because the university has also offered to send it to you for printing or photocopying. You can also download this homework mark form online or on our website by clicking on the «Download» button below. .

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