Agreement Act in Hindi

Art. 238 — Effects of misappropriation or fraud by an agent on the agreement (effect on the agreement, misrepresentation or fraud by the agent) 10 — Which contracts are contracts (which agreements are contracts) An agreement (agreement) exists when there is a mutual understanding of the rights and obligations between the parties to a commercial agreement. A contract is an agreement between the parties involved that is legally binding| 65 — obligation of a person who has used services under a zero agreement or this contract (obligation of the person who has obtained an advantage on the basis of a null agreement or a contract that becomes null) 19 — zero of agreements concluded without independent consent (contestability of agreements without free consent) 136 — during the initial period of the borrower is signed with the person, If the sample is not released (security not released if it has been agreed with the third party to give time to the principal debtor). Art. 49 — Place of respect for speech, not applicable to conformity and no place being specified 145 — The prescribed promise to replace compensation (implied promise to indemnify the guarantee) This law specifies the circumstances in which the commitments made by both parties in the contract are legally binding| This law defines the contract as an agreement. 182 — Definition of the terms «agent» and «owner» (definition of «agent» and «principal») 163 — Right to increase or benefit from sub-integrated Upanidhata property (Bailor has the right to increase or benefit from property saved against bail) 219 — When is the agent`s remuneration processed (when the agent`s remuneration becomes due). 9 — Word, expressed and kept (promises, express and implied). .

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